Entre Flores, Fandanguillos y alegrias,
nacio en España la tierra del amor.
Solo dios pudiera hacer tanta belleza
y es imposible que puedan haber dos.

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childofluxury says: ✐

9- a letter meant to be read only once my character is dead:

Dear Sven,

Do you have a glass of red ready? I dare you to read one of my letters without a good wine to go with it!! (… It also kind of reduces the chance of you finding my grammar or spelling mistakes… And who could skip an occasion for a glass!)

I guess, you reading this means that I finally died. No te preocupes- it’s probably for the best; I mean, hey, me writing you signifies I sort of expected it :D *a small smily face in a tomatoshape is placed next to it*

I’m no good at this either, so I’ll try to get to my point. 
I… Was sort of hoping you could do me a favor. You don’t have to do it, if it gets to hard- one never knows what happens in the future- please, never force yourself just to do what would have made me happy. I am dead now and what counts is the happiness of the living- so yours.

Keep that in mind.

By the way, I am sorry for my serious tone… It’s just… Kind of important to me ;)

Now, to that favor… I was… I don’t know, I was just hoping you could make the family stay together? Diogo, Romano, Laura, Jan, you… I know, you love them just as much as I do, so just… I don’t know. Spend Christmas with each other. Invite them to try your great whites!! Be the one to make those steps- if you can.

You have so much love to share- in the general way! Family, non-sexual, romantic, kind of platonic-…. This is not making it better, is it? (I told you I was no good at this…)

I guess, I stop before it gets worse!

Enjoy the rest of your wine! (or maybe another glass, just because it is so good?)


P.S. I only asked this from you…. Don’t tell the others about this, okay? 

Send me a ✐ and my character will write yours…


Using a random number generator:

➊ an everyday note
➋ a happy birthday card
➌ a “dear john” letter
➍ a “please remember to…” note
➎ a confession
➏ a “morning after” letter
➐ a love poem
➑ a goodbye letter
➒ a letter meant to be read only once my character is dead
➓ a message asking for something

Agnus Dei - Misa Criolla 5 - Jose Carreras

Agnus Dei is the invocation to the Lamb of God sung or recited during the fraction of the Host.



Because it is in my DNA!!

Vale- *rubs his hands gleefully and sparkling with enthusiasm*
How should we start?? A party? Or do you want a short introduction to flirting someone’s pants off?

—well. A party at this time doesn’t really suit my fancy, but— um. You could drop me a few pick up lines that always work for you.

*shakes his head*
No, no, that won’t do- there is no pick up like on this world that would always work!
Mira, you have to learn to watch people and deduct from that what they might want to hear! That’s why it’s an art!
No te preocups- that’s why you have me here to help you out!

Anónimo says: Netherlands is missing you, sweet lady.




I know.

Ayyy, Laura, what are you talking about! I can’t think of any news that would make me even consider to leave you for a moment,*and that’s it. There was nothing he needed or wanted to know that could change his mind, so the topic was done for him*
Anyway, we have more urgent problems right now- we need a plan!

if you pushed him away, how are we going to pull him back?
Handcuffs? …. No, he’d probably have them open in a blink.
Maybe we should go for a good old rope? … Probably, he’d just bite it through. Or set up a tomato-waffle-trap??

*She smiles so happily and hugs him, relieved of that worry for now* I am so glad. If I ever lost you as a friend I don’t know what I would do!


Um, what are you thinking? 

I’m not sure about handcuffs or rope. That’s a little bit excessive. But maybe if we set a tomato-waffle trap that could work. We haven’t had a dinner in a while. Just you, me and him I mean. Do you think that would be helpful?

Do you think he would agree to it just like that?

I had to throw in Champions League tickets so that he would agree to see me again!



Laura, we can totally pull this off!!!

But I insist on the music, the costumes and the flames!!


We totally could! 

It wouldn’t happen any other way obviously.

But…. Can you pull it off?
No smiling, and a most serious duck face for 1:47?

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by meko

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Laura, we can totally pull this off!!!

But I insist on the music, the costumes and the flames!!